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Lead to create a new reality,




ZGrowth is a leadership and organizational development firm based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. ZGrowth develops leaders and strengthens organizations and businesses through leadership coaching, tailor-made leadership programs, change management support, team-building and talent development.



Mercedes Sotomayor, Ph.D., founder and Principle of ZGrowth, partners, and works alongside a group of highly experienced and talented professionals in the field. Together, they design and implement solutions based on extensive knowledge and a profound understanding of the clients’ reality and idiosyncrasies.


Holding an Industrial-Organizational Psychology doctorate and as a Certified Coach, Mercedes has supported leaders and organizations from various industries such as manufacturing, health care, pharmaceuticals, technology, aviation, and banking. Over the past 10 years, Mercedes has rendered services in the Caribbean, the United States, and Canada. Mercedes' profound understanding of human behavior, her experience in multi-cultural and diverse settings and being a fully bilingual professional in Spanish and English language, helps her to connect with others in a meaningful and genuine way. As a result, she is able to support and witness transformational changes in leaders and organizations as a whole.


All of Mercedes’ decisions and actions are guided by ZGrowth’s organizational values which are: Empathy, Collaboration, Growth, and Wellbeing.

Empathy… being aware and making the effort to emotionally connect with others.

Collaboration… investing in relationships because together, greater things can be built and created.

Growth… values change and transformation based on the assumption that everyone has an undeniable potential for growth. And lastly,


Wellbeing… values the importance of happiness and living to our greatest potential.



We believe that leaders are those who have the privilege and the responsibility to create new realities for all of us. New realities where organizations, businesses, people and the community can thrive in and achieve their greatest potential for success, abundance, and wellbeing. At ZGrowth, we want to support leaders and organizations to acquire the necessary skills, competencies, and tools so they successfully fulfill their roles.





Our skilled and diverse network of coaches and facilitators enable us to deliver effective and engaging interventions tailored to our clients’ priorities and needs. Our services will support leaders to discover and bring their best and also, help executive teams work as a team and drive results.

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership Development Programs

  • Executive Team Coaching and Development

  • Leadership and Executive Team Retreats



We offer a variety of solutions that help organizations thrive, become more resilient and able to fulfill their key purpose.


  • Organizational Diagnosis and Assessments

  • Vision, Mission and Values Definition

  • Change Management Strategy Design and Support

  • Talent Development

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."  

—John Quincy Adams

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